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Wholesale Pricing & Pay as you go from the Start

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    CPaaS RTC Basic


    From: 59,00 $ / month
    (per port)

    • Admin Access*
    • Voice & Video Calling
    • SIP Connect
    • API Framework
    • Video Recording (REC Storage*)
  • CPaaS RTC Pro


    From: 99,00 $ / month
    (per port)

    • Admin Access*
    • Voice & Video Calling
    • Live Chat
    • File Sharing
    • SIP Connect
    • API Framework
    • Video Recording (REC Storage*)
  • CPaaS RTC Plus


    From: 149,00 $ / month
    (per port)

    • Admin Access*
    • Voice & Video Calling
    • Live Chat
    • File Sharing
    • Screen Sharing / CoBrowsing
    • Snapshot
    • SIP Connect
    • API Framework / Mobile SDK
    • Video Recording (REC Storage*)

Special Extensions

Smart Interactions for your RTC services

Live Chat

Manage Smart Text Message interactions in Real-Time Communications.

File Sharing

Send and Receive Files or Documents in Real-Time Communications.

Screen Sharing

Secure screen share your desktop or any application in Real-Time Communications.

SIP Connect

Connect your RTC to traditional SIP telephony systems or devices.


Take or get pictures dynamically during your remote video conversations.

Video Recording

Easily record and export secure Live Video Calls for later playback.

Our Video Gateways enable to easily connect multiple peers based on WebRTC, RTMP and SIP technology.

Frontend Clients

Phones are no longer the unique device to consider

Desktop Browsers

Modern Web Browsers Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari…

Interactive Kiosks

Specific IoT Devices connected to API Framework

iOS Devices

Apple iPhone, iPad

Android Devices

Android Smartphones, Tablets

Video Real-Time Communications for your Business.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an RTC platform?

Real-time communications (RTC) is any mode of telecommunications in which all users can exchange information instantly or with negligible latency. In this context, the term “real-time” is synonymous with “live”. It generally refers to peer-to-peer communications, not broadcast or multicast. In RTC, there is always a direct path between the source and the destination.

What kind of Web Browsers are supported?

We support modern desktop web browsers compliant with WebRTC like Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari. Some of them can have some specific limitations like Safari for mobile and screen sharing. Please, contact our sales and support team for more information.

What kind of Call Center solutions are supported?

All our IVR or RTC products includes a SIP connect interface compliant with most IP PBX or Call Center Solution Suites in the Market.  Please contact our Sales to learn more about your Call Center Integration.

How can I connect mobile devices?

Only a few native mobile browsers are WebRTC ready to deploy a voice or video service. Most of the time you have to built an application with our VideoRTC.js API Framework to support iOS and Android devices.

How can I connect my own SIP trunks?

Yes, you can connect your own operator or ask our team for one of our partnerships.

How does our RTC technology works?

Our Video (RTC) products are cloud-based video gateways that interacts between WebRTC or RTMP peers, and a SIP trunk connected to your operator or PBX. To connect your RTC service you can set your own customised HTML5 application with our API Framework and customise our default Webclient template.

How can I receive support for the offering?

All our Plan have access to complimentary Support Packs and Professional Services.

Can I upgrade from the Basic Plan to the Pro Plan?

Yes, you can add more plan to your account and convert one to another.

Improve your Customer Experience with Real-Time Communications.