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Quickly add communication channels to your contact center and business
to expand the scope of your customer services.

Cloud Hosting

We run major Cloud Computing Services

Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Our cloud-based services are designed for enterprises seeking real-time communications servers without the capital resource investment. It gives enterprises access to one of most reliable and most secure Smart IVR or Video RTC platforms. With Voice & Video call processing infrastructure distributed across geographically our redundant cloud data centers

Focus on Business and let us, run, extend and scale your services in the Cloud.


Save time and money for your Business


Simple usage-based pricing means
you never get locked…

Free connectivity

No per minute fees, connect your own Trunks, DDI, SIP extensions…

Committed-use discounts

Talk with our Sales for deeper discounts when you commit to usage.

Smart integration

All our platforms are designed with
Open Standard technologies…

Speech resources

Connect most advanced Speech API for TTS, ASR, NLP cloud services…

Technical support

We understand that no software works without support…

We enhance your mobile and web applications with real-time collaboration.

Transform your Contact Center

Leading Industry-Solutions rely on our Powers

Created for a seamlessly integration, Interactive Powers solutions offers API Framework designed to connect external Business Systems or Call Center technologies. This Omnichannel approach allows agents to keep working on a single platform while they are interacting with all your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an IVR platform?

In telephony, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a phone technology that allows a computer to detect voice and touch tones using a normal phone call. The IVR system can respond with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct callers on how to proceed. Powered by VoiceXML standard language, IVR systems scale well to handle large call volumes.

What is an RTC platform?

Real-time communications (RTC) is any mode of telecommunications in which all users can exchange information instantly or with negligible latency. In this context, the term “real-time” is synonymous with “live”. It generally refers to peer-to-peer communications, not broadcast or multicast. In RTC, there is always a direct path between the source and the destination.

What is a Turnkey service?

Turnkey solutions offers flexibility and delivers significant savings to the business or service provider. These IVR or RTC ready-to-run products can be standalone or used in combination to provide an end to end services.

Why host your CPaaS with us?

Before you decide on a plan, you need to decide on a hosting company. While some companies bill minutes or outsource their technical support, we’re proud to own and manage our servers, as well as our software, security and expert support.

How do I get started with my CPaaS?

If you are not IVR or RTC expert, you can get specific support with our team. Your system will be ready to run in less than 24-48h to start your project.

How dedicated is my platform?

Your CPaaS is only for you. You can get your own root user and administrate the system.

How can I use CPaaS in multiple regions?

You can use CPaaS in multiple regions by purchasing server resources separately. Currently we have two main areas: America CPaaS and Europe CPaaS.

Where can I check the example applications?

All our platforms include inside sample demo scripts for IVR and specific use cases for RTC.

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